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We are passionate about what we do!  To help an individual or a family develop a unique estate plan (will, trust, power of attorney or other advanced planning tool) is a true privilege. Each of the attorneys and all of the support team at DenHerder • Grier & Associates love the careers they have chosen, the people they work with, and the opportunity to take very difficult life and death issues, and make those issues manageable.  We do this by creating unique solutions — something the majority of estate planning firms do not provide. So how do we accomplish all that we promise?

Counseling:  Whether you are creating your trust or will, dealing with your own health issues, or facing the death of a loved one, each individual situation requires someone to truly listen and hear your needs.  We offer many potential solutions to help steer you toward choices that provide stability, peace of mind, and workable solutions that are ultimately a reflection of the love you have for your family.  That kind of service requires, even demands, the skillful, heart-felt counseling we provide.

Collaboration: When you choose our firm, you often have trusted advisors in place…perhaps a financial advisor, tax advisor, mortgage broker, or other professional in whom you have placed your confidence. We strive to enhance your existing relationships by bringing your team of professionals together, as each has unique skill and knowledge of your family and your life. Working together, we can provide you with the best estate plan to protect your children, protect the assets you worked hard to accumulate, protect the relationships in your families, prevent the payment of unnecessary taxes, and provide a loving legacy.

Continuity:  Our firm not only counsels for and expertly drafts unique estate plans, but also is here for you and your family when a loved one dies…at a time when you aren’t sure where to turn, or what to do next.  Did you realize that many estate planning firms only draft your estate plan for you…but when you call them to report that a loved one has died and you don’t know what to do next, they refer you to another law firm to assist you! Do you want the attorney who knows you best; who helped your loved one decide whether they wanted to be buried or cremated; and who understands your family’s dynamic, to be the one to guide you through this time of grief? Or do you want to explain all of this to a stranger? Continuity is crucial.

Cooperation:  We have a dedicated team of attorneys and staff who not only take their careers seriously, but who also enjoy working with one another. In fact, we truly respect each of the qualities that our hand-picked team brings to the table. Our unique method of having two attorneys work on every estate plan ensures that each plan is reviewed for any ambiguities that could later surface, and create a problem for you.  With this approach, those issues are negated. In addition, the size our firm ensures that you will always have an attorney who shares our philosophy available to you – even if your primary attorney is unavailable.

Confidence:  Our team is experienced, dedicated, and looking forward to serving you and your family for years to come!!

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